Specialty "Pop Art"

Chimel likes to draw and paint what he is attracted to and he is a great observer of consumer and celebrity culture. Chimel treats packaging designs as facts of life and derives a sense of wellbeing  knowing that there are so many products in the world that  potentially could serve him as subjects. His "Post Pop" sensibility does not include a sense of intended irony. things are simply what 

th​ey are. this does not, however, mean that a found composition can't improve with the addition or deletion of certain elements. One would need to know product design as well as Chimel does to know what is or what has changed by the artist hand. A painting or drawing is a visual statement and Chimel will arrange his picture to serve his different visual purposes. Many of Chimel's subjects are well-known and iconic and thus do not require invention which is a comforting thought to the artist.

Chimel attends Studio Works which is a venue of Zoom group. Zoom group, a non profit organization helps adults with disabilities  improve upon their creative craft. Which in turn could  possibly lead to job opportunities,  notoriety and best of all, fame. 

To see how far he's come, google Chimel Ford or simply check out   chimelf.blogspot.com   or

  via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter  @Art By Chimel